All participants benefit from this programme:
The salaried staff, both those from vulnerable and non-vulnerable groups, and those formerly unemployed, (young people with learning difficulties who benefit from the training programme).
The volunteers, on the one hand because they have much to learn from their disabled fellows, and on the other hand by the fact that in life you receive what you give.
The artists and specialists who work together with Myrtillo.
The local and wider community which experiences and participates in a live interaction with people with disabilities in the workplace, in social life, in education and in art.
On these foundations the Myrtillo cafe aims to give a new spirit to what can be offered by a cafeteria, which is not lacking in dynamism, quality and original ideas!
Myrtillo has been founded to break a social status quo, not through a set of ideas, but through bringing the people themselves as actors onto the stage of social life, thus combining ‘Philanthropy and Sustainability’.
In this sense, it attempts to prove worthy of a great European inheritance that seeks to place the human person at the centre of all endeavours.
If you wish to support our work you may make a donation to the following bank account:
Bank of Piraeus
IBAN GR 9101710420006042124913779
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