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Even though we started with no capital, even though the tax concessions envisaged in the Law under which we were incorporated were repealed, and even though we continue with the daily anxiety of surviving in the present time of economic crisis without subsidies or grants, our great capital resource is and has always been our emphasis on human values and the human person, the person who is able to conquer monsters and give meaning to his life with truth and give that form to things which makes them 'beautiful'.

Those who work with us have received an integration training by the specialists, Anna Kentikeleni and Sergios Kayias and Vassilis Kalopisis The training was based initially on the great arts (drama and music) by the therapists Irini Kouromihelaki and Vassilis Barakos). Myrtillo's goal is to give a multi-dimensional education to its staff, based on the cultivation of self-awareness and on the transmission of the values of sociality and solidarity. Those who work in Myrtillo have to learn a job that will secure for them a living, but also a job that will give them the joys of sociability and a sense of creativity.

At the same time we give the opportunity to many University students, graduates and post - graduates from the departments of Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Paedagogics etc, to work as volunteers and do their practise at Myrtillo.