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A Unique Innovation


Over the four years since its inception, Myrtillo has developed the idea of ​​its founder, Georgia Vamvounaki - Raffan, for a self-supporting business in which all employees (of which 90% belong to vulnerable groups) are co-owners and co-managers of the co-operative enterprise with equal responsibility for ensuring its viability. The aim is, that with proper training, everyone will be able to obtain such knowledge, so that at regular intervals they will be able:

a. To monitor and evaluate themselves and their individual progress as workers and as shareholders in the enterprise.
b. To monitor and evaluate the progress of their partners, while respecting the hierarchies in the business.
c. To assume responsibility for the losses and deficits that may arise.
d. To submit their views to the Board of Management and to the Annual General Meeting of Social Enterprise and to participate in the implementation in the decisions taken. To continuously seek for new ideas on the grounds that, 'a failed innovation is better than a successful replication'.
e. To carry out their duties not as conventional faceless employees, but with care and thought for their business and to act with skill and mindfulness as its co-creators.
f. To acquire appropriate empathy with the social objectives of Myrtillo: the enterprise is in the hands of its current employees, but it also belongs to those who will come in the future, taking over the work and continuing it through creative reconstruction.
Myrtillo has been awarded twice: in 2014 as The Social Enterprise of the Year, and in 2018 by Estia Awards